Where are the condors?

flying condor

Ventana Wilderness Sanctuary
Big Sur, California

Located in western Monterey County, the Ventana Wilderness Sanctuary became operational in January 1997. The 240-acre area is a private in-holding dedicated to the preservation of native flora and fauna within the Los Padres National Park Forest.


flying condorSespe Condor Sanctuary
Los Padres National Forest
Santa Barbara-Ventura Counties, California

The last wild condors flew in this part of California in 1985. The Sespe Condor Sanctuary was established in 1991 to create a safe haven in the condor's historical habitat. The first condors released back to the wild were released here in 1992. Sespe encompasses 53,00 acres of the Los Padres National Forest.

The Sespe Condor Sanctuary of Los Padres National Forest was designated as a protected area of California condors and is not open to the public. However, a hiking tail runs through the middle of the area where a condor viewing area has been established at Dough Flat.


flying condorGrand Canyon National Park Release Area

Located in the Vermilion and Hurricane Cliffs approximately 30 miles north of the Grand Canyon National Park. The first release in Arizona occurred in the Vermilion Cliffs in December 1996.

The area is used primarily as a recreational area. Activities include sight-seeing, camping and nature viewing.


flying condorSierra San Pedro de Martir
Release Area

Baja California, Mexico

The Sierra San Pedro de Martir condor release site in Baja California, Mexico became operational in August 2002 when six California condors arrived. Three birds were released in October 2002, marking the first time the California condor has flown freely in Mexico since its disappearances from the area in the 1930s. The site is situated in a remote area of the Sierra San Pedro de Martir National Park about 2,500 meters in altitude.


standing condorSan Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park
San Diego, California


standing condorLos Angeles Zoo
Los Angeles, California


standing condorOregon Zoo
Portland, Oregon


standing condorThe Peregrine Fund's
World Center for Birds of Prey

Boise, Idaho


standing condorChapultepec Zoo
Mexico City, Mexico

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Release Locations

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B: Sespe
C: Grand Canyon National Park
D: Sierra San Pedro Martir

Conservation Facilities

E: San Diego Zoos' Wild Animal Park
F: Los Angeles Zoo
G: Oregon Zoo
H: The Peregrine Fund's
     World Center for Birds of Prey
I: Chapultepec Zoo

Flying Condor