Chapultepec Zoo

condorchapultepeczoo.jpgA male California condor sunbathes in his enclosure after arriving at the Chapultepec Zoo from the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park in 2007.

The General Direction of Zoological Parks and Wildlife in Mexico City administers Chapultepec, San Juan de Aragon and Los Coyotes Zoos. It develops activities mainly directed towards research, education and conservation. Over the past few years, all three zoos have been involved in various research and conservation projects, mainly related to native species but including also exotic species as Mexican wolf, volcano rabbit, big horn sheep, giant panda, Xochimilco’s axolotl and many others. Recently, as part of the Strategic Collection Plan of our institution, we have included the California condor for education, research and conservation purposes.

Chapultepec Zoo is one of the most popular recreational sites in Mexico City for local visitor and for tourists from Mexico and abroad. It is considered to be the national zoo in our country receiving more than 5 million visitors every year. This gives us the opportunity to educate visitors and help them learn what is going on with our ecosystems and our endangered fauna and flora.