California Condor and their Community Connections - A Shared Place


Students will learn how the California condor is viewed in different ways by different people.
Students will identify their own feelings toward the California condor.


Role Cards (download PDF to print)

Background for Teachers:
This role-playing activity is designed to lead to interaction and discussion between the students, based on both their character role and their individual feelings. They will examine various roles in the community and how they share the landscape with each other and the California condor.

California condors are being relocated into your community. Is this a good idea or a problem? Not all people have the same connection to their environment and this endangered species. A community meeting has been scheduled where everyone from the community will be asked to share their feelings and concerns about the return of the condor to their land.

1. Divide the students into six groups.
2. Explain that each group will receive a role card that explains who they are in the community and outlines their relationship to and feelings about the California condor.
3. Hand out the role cards to each group that supports their activities.
4. Instruct the students to read their view of condors, discuss it, and plan a two-minute presentation to support their view. Students may want to use the background materials in the red notebook to help them support their viewpoint.
5. Ask each group to identify one of their members to serve as the group’s spokesperson.
6. Call the Community Meeting and give each group time to present their position on the release of California condors in the community.
7. Put down the role cards and lead a class discussion on how each member of the community had different feelings about the California condor. Is bringing wildlife back into its natural habitat an easy thing to accomplish? What are the student’s own personal feelings towards the birds? Which community character do they relate to the most closely? How might the students help to share the condor’s story with the many diverse people in their own community?