Big Sur Survives Big Fire

Posted at 11:39 am July 30, 2008 by Karyl Carmignani

The Ventana Wildlife Society’s Condor Sanctuary, where seven young condors were awaiting release into the wild, was severely damaged by raging wildfires in June. Fortunately, staff scientists were able to evacuate the young birds along with their “mentor” condor before the flames swept through, but they lost all of the field pens in Big Sur for releasing the young condors along with important equipment. Biologists have been able to track the radio signals from all but one of the 43 free-flying adult condors in the central California region. Two nests that were near the blaze fared well, while one nest in a burned area was scorched and the fate of the chick is unknown.

Ventana Wildlife Society is nonprofit organization dedicated to releasing and managing condors in California. They need your help to rebuild the field pens and other structures that were lost in the fire. You can make a donation by visiting their Web site at or call toll-free 877-897-7740. Help the condors rise again!

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