Michael Mace

Posted at 9:45 am January 21, 2008 by admin

mike_mace.jpgMichael Mace serves as curator of birds for the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. He is responsible for the management of the Avian Department, both the collection and related conservation programs. He participates in conservation field projects involving numerous species, including the release programs for the California condor, Andean condor, Guam rail, and light-footed clapper rail. He has authored numerous articles and papers on avian science in peer review journals and in magazines.

Michael joined the Wild Animal Park in 1973. He earned a bachelor of science degree in psychology and an associate of science degree in biology. Michael is a Professional Fellow in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and has chaired or served on numerous elected committees and specialized groups, including the Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee. He is the AZA Species Survival Coordinator for the Andean condor, International Studbook manager for the California condor, and is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife California Condor Recovery Team member.

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