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Conference to Examine Effects of Lead Exposure from Bullets

Posted at 10:37 am March 31, 2008 by admin

BOISE, Idaho – The effects of exposure to lead from spent ammunition is the focus of a conference sponsored by The Peregrine Fund, a conservation organization, May 12-15, 2008, in Boise, Idaho. The conference, “Ingestion of Spent Lead Ammunition: Implications for Wildlife and Humans,” will bring together biologists, scientists, health professionals and sporting groups to review scientific data on this topic.

High School Student Donates Condor Puppet

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A San Diego County high school student hand made and donated a condor puppet to the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park California condor program for use in the hand rearing of chicks.

Un estudiante en una preparatoria en el condado de San Diego fabricó un títere hecho como un cóndor y lo donó al programa de recuperación en el San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park.

Condor PuppetKathleen Ferris, a 10th grade student in Vista, Calif., personally delivered a California condor puppet she handmade to Don Sterner, animal care manager in charge of the California condor program at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. Puppets like the one Kathleen created are used by condor keepers to feed, clean and care for California condor chicks that are hand raised for reintroduction into their native habitat in Baja California, Mexico. Thanks to the efforts of the California Condor Recovery Program, there are more than 140 condors flying in the skies of California, Arizona and Mexico and approximately 150 condors in the four breeding centers including the Wild Animal Park.


Posted at 1:48 pm March 25, 2008 by Bird Keeper

Meymey (pronounced “MAY-may”) is one of the California condors on exhibit in Condor Ridge at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. He has been on exhibit since Oct. 23, 2007, the day after the Witch Creek Fire swept through the Park and destroyed one of our Condor Breeding Facilities. Meymey’s pen was one of the structures destroyed, so we decided to put him in the exhibit.

Birds Arrive Safely in Baja

Posted at 1:27 pm March 24, 2008 by Michael Wallace, Ph.D.

Thanks to the efforts of many people, eight condors were transported from the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park by truck, back across the border to the Sierra San Pedro de Martir release site on Tuesday, March 11th. This was the first time we transported condors across the border by land and not by air.

Treated Condors Returned to Baja

Posted at 6:47 am March 24, 2008 by Yadira Galindo

Eight California condors returned to the Sierra San Pedro de Martir National Park in Mexico after being treated for lead poisoning at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park earlier this year.

Ocho cóndores de California regresan al Sierra San Pedro de Mártir en Mexico después der ser tratados en el San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park para envenenamiento de plomo.

Oregon Zoo Condor Facility Continues Successful Breeding Efforts

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Endangered California Condors Produce Third and Fourth Eggs of the Season

PORTLAND, Ore. — With two new eggs this week, endangered California condors at the Oregon Zoo’s Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation are producing at a rate that could match last year’s record total. So far this year, four eggs have been laid at the off-site facility, and the zoo anticipates more to come during another successful condor-breeding season.

Four Oregon Zoo Condors to be Released into Wild

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Tatoosh, Meriwether, Ursa and Wiley Prepare to Fly Free in Arizona

PORTLAND, Ore. — Early last year, four condors from the Oregon Zoo were sent to the Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho, in preparation for their release into the wild in Arizona.

Oregon Zoo condorAmong these birds is Tatoosh (No. 367), hatched in April 2005, the second condor to be hatched in Oregon in more than a century. The others are Meriwether (No. 379), also hatched in 2005, and Ursa (No. 404) and Wiley (No. 420), both hatched in the spring of 2006.