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Condor Recovery in Big Sur

Wild Condors in Ventana Wildlife Society Condor Sanctuary Recover

Although two birds were lost during the summer wildfires in Big Sur, California, the rest of the birds survived and are being closely monitored by biologists with the Ventana Wildlife Society.


Condor at Wild Animal Park

An international team effort

The California Condor Recovery Program is a binational program built upon a foundation of private and public partnerships managed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The goal of the Recovery Program is to establish two distinct populations in the wild and a third population in managed facilities.

The first release of conservation-bred California condors occurred in 1992 at California's Sespe Condor Sanctuary in Los Padres National Forest. California condors continue to be released back into the wild in California, Arizona, and Baja California. As of December 2007, there are 298 California condors, with 144 of those birds living in the wild.

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